Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Early version Image

Im not really allowed to show this until it's done, but whatever :P

It will have this kind of neutral look but of course it will be a better keyboard.

Please tell what we can improve in the final design, so we can make everyone happy :P

Thats all for now... See you


Anonymous said...

add handwriting recognition and you will be a god

Gamers Gear said...

Thats a pretty good idea, but it will take alot more time.

But i could try :D

just so everybody knows: im am really new at creating DS homebrews, i will need more time to get everything right, But i have SOME Knowledge in basic C#

Banjo said...

Looking good... I'm looking forward to this! I don't think you should feel pressured to put every feature in the first release, either... making sure basic txt file opening, editing and saving works flawlessly to me is what will make this a solid ap. After that, then you can add rtf support, handwriting recognition, etc. Above all, though, have FUN making this project!