Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A NDS text editor!

I have seen many questions at gbatmw.net that they want a text editor.
Well, here is one (or at least, we are working on it)

We have not done so much yet, but we have almost finnished the design of it
It will be like:

Touch screen with keyboard, and top screen with the text.
You the "+" to select where in the text you want to be and then write it with the keyboard.

It will only have .txt support at the start. But maybe it will have support for .rtf files in the future.

And that was the news right now, well tell you when we have done some more progress.


Dreama said...

Great work.

Ikarias said...

Keep it up, i'm looking forward to your progress, there are way to few homebrew text editors. This one is going to be checked on a regulair basis.

Andrew said...

Where do u download it?