Sunday, April 8, 2007

TexEdit 0.1 (TEST)

I have spent some time looking at keyboard code and thought that i should share the Keyboard test with you!
TexEdit 0.1 (TEST)

In this TEST you can only write text, but not save or open anything.

More updates coming later


Banjo said...

Great to seem more progress on this (it seems to work as intended on my M3Simply... the keyboard types, though 'special keys' - ie. not letter/number keys - don't work right, though I assumed that was part of it being a basic test. With work put in, this could be a very useful app when it's finished! Cheers, Banjo

3xtec said...

Good job on this! It looks like it's doing good, and I hope to see a full featured version out, however, I'd rather a working app than an early buggy one ;)